Misconceptions – 13

To comprehend the reality of Democracy, let us look at Student Government.

Reality is very much like Student Government.  Students have the right to vote for various representatives.  The students vote for a President.   They elect Stoner.   

Stoner has a pile of ideas the students support.

The Administration of the School does not agree with Stoner’s ideas.

The Administration will not implement them, and strips Student Government of all Power.  That this is what the students want means nothing to Admin.  

In real life, the Elite is very much like the School Administration.  When it does not agree with what the people want, it has the power to prevent their decision being implemented.  

This is because the people, those voters, really have no say. Voters are just there to give credence to an election.  Just there to foist the belief that voting matters and that they have elected their representatives.

The real power, the real decisions, are made by those who were never elected but have the power.


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