Vitez is a small, picturesque towns which are many beauties. Mionica area is well known for its magical natural landscapes, meadows, pastures and forests, rich cultural and historical heritage, thermal waters and healing mud. A lot of good reasons why this place is visited each year by many tourists. In addition to the monument that is dedicated Zivojin Misic and the beautiful Church of the Ascension of Christ, one of the symbols of the city Mionice is certainly a monument dedicated to the brave rebels Kolubarske principality from 1804 to 1815. The monument symbolizes the heroism of two insurgents and literacy, work is Ota Jovana Loga, built in bronze and a high of about three meters. Delije that adorned Kolubara principality have left a big mark in Serbian history. Najuticaniji and most famous among them were the princes Nicholas and Milovan Grbović from the village Mratišić, Prince Cancer Tesic from Mionica, chief Jovica Milutinovic from a village near Sanković Mionice. Today these heroes of great pride to all residents Mionice.


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