There are people who make choices.  Believing they have the capacity to decide, they do.

Whether it is to support or protest, whether it is to go or stay,   they decide.

Their decision is not based on what their ‘Master’ has determined, nor is it all that is left.  

It is not that the train left the station without them, it is that they decided not to board that train based on their own calculations, not others.

Government finds these people dangerous, because they control their brains.  In Society, however, they prosper, because they make choices based on their own principles or desires.

Then there are those who make no real decisions except bad ones.

They drop out of school because the workload is too heavy; not to lessen the load.

They leave a job without alternative because of reasons which can not be put into words because there are no words, its just a mindless shrug.

They find themselves someplace in middle age they never expected because they never planned.  They never asked themselves what they wanted beyond a pizza or a pair of shoes.

These mindless sheep are desired by governments because even if they don’t like a decision they don’t protest.  They drift along.

Drifting along, with little reference to reality they often move into a blur where they go day to day until at some point, they stop.

Just stop without plan.


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Written by jaylar

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