Mileševa Behind the son of Stefan Nemanja, King Vladislav, left the monastery Mileseva near Prijepolje. It was built on the model of Studenica and Zica, in the Raska style and laid on him the relics uncle, St. Sava, but the Turks in 1594, transferred to Belgrade and burned. Weight gains and the fact that it was the place of coronation of Emperor Dusan and Company First Kotromanića, Stefan Vukčić in it in 1446 proclaimed himself “duke of Saint Sava”, a king Vladislav was buried. His greatest value might have frescoes, among which dominates one of the most beautiful in the whole of Europe – White Angel. It was in 13, but in the 16th century over it painted other. Only four hundred years later, the original image again shine. There is no doubt that you will be an angel dressed in white who, while sitting on a large rock, Myrrhbearers shows the empty tomb of Jesus Christ, to win.


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