Messing Up – Priority

Jim learned Nina had a child a month into their friendship.  The boy, Sammy, was ten.  He seemed to really like Jim.  In fact, it was Sammy who did the ‘matchmaking’.

Overtime, Jim virtually moved into Nina’s flat, although he kept his own place.  Things seemed to be working between Jim and Nina until Sammy’s dad, Hank popped up.  

Nina didn’t want anything to do with Hank, but for Sammy that was his FATHER.   That was his Father and Jim was not.  

To avoid conflict, Jim went back to his flat, thinking to wait it out.

It seemed clear that Nina, the devoted mother would chose Sammy over Jim.  It was a Mommy thing.

Then Hank left, as he always had done, and Jim moved back in.  Things were a little bumpy. Sammy seemed to resent Jim, taking every opportunity to say;  “You are not my father.”

Then Sammy ran away.

Nina was insane. She called everyone, ran to the police, Jim following like a puppy.  Knowing that Hank was living in another town, Nina jumped into her car.  Jim wanted to go with her, but she told him he wasn’t needed as she drove off.

Jim went back to the flat they shared.  He was caught in a bundle of emotions.  Should he go after Nina?  Should he wait?  Should he go to work?

Without making a plan, Jim packed  his things, loaded them into his car, and drove to his flat.

He didn’t need to be caught in this drama.  He was a young enough man, with his whole life.  Better he find a woman with no attachments who could put him first.

When Nina returned with her son, Jim was gone.  Really gone.  And Sammy was resenting her, as he wanted to stay with his father.


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Written by jaylar

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