Matching Pieces – 5

Living near her work place, Rose spent her time in the company of people she liked who liked the same things she did. There was no pressure to conform or compromise.  

Rose had never had to cut and paste her personality so as to fit in or avoid being an outcast.  She didn’t have to learn to like a sport or form of music to fit in;   she had her own likes, and those who were her friends, liked the same things.

Probably because of the pleasant work environment, the business expanded, and new people were brought in. People canvassed from all over the country.  Many adopted or adapted to the community.  Those that didn’t  were on their own and often left the job.   They created no problems, just more vacancies which were quickly filled.

Andy filled one of those vacancies.

He arrived from his city and entered the workplace.   He introduced himself to others or they introduced themselves to him, and he fit in with ease.  These were uncomplicated people with no need to wear other personalities or conform to whatever was the current ‘standard’.

Andy was soon invited to various events and he and Rose became friends.  Both of them supported an unpopular team which began a path to success.  They called each other by the name of star players.

It was a given they’d be each others ‘date’ at the Xmas party and company picnic.

They got along well and liked each other without ifs or buts.  There was nothing about him Rose would change,  and he accepted Rose as is, without qualm. 


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Written by jaylar

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