Manipulation of History – 2

Up until the 1990s there was a building at 1 Duke Street in Kingston, Jamaica which had the Logo ‘Women’s Self Help Society”.   

The building was rented to a number of lawyers and had been from the 1960s.  

This building was owned by an organisation created by Lady Musgrave in 1879 to redeem and retrain slaves.

These were White Slaves.   These were women who were captured by the ‘Corsairs’, (Africans) and sold as slaves.

How many people passing that building had an inkling of what it represented?    

Those in power want to give a certain presentation of world affairs, of history, which ‘matches’ the current ‘spin’.  

This kind of charity was not peculiar to Jamaica.  Other nations, many in the West Indies, had similar charities to redeem those enslaved by the Africans.

As no one wants to know that there was a time Africans were more powerful than Europeans, it is a portion of history which is ignored.

It is not just ignored in Jamaica, it is ignored in most of the world.  This is because it doesn’t ‘fit’ into the ‘narrative’ of the all powerful White and the weak Black.


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