Manipulation of History – 17

In the 1800s the idea was to return Africans to Africa.  Liberia, the first African republic was created in 1822.  The capital, ‘Monrovia’,  named after President Monroe.  During the next forty years, about 12,000 African were returned to Africa.  

This concept of repatriation, which should have been priority was eroded.

African were made to believe that the continent was a dangerous jungle and they were fortunate to be taken from it and living in a white country.

In the early 1900s Marcus Garvey repeated the idea of repatriation.  One would assume that this idea would have been grabbed as fervently as Jews grasped the creation of Israel.

Yet; those of African heritage to prefer to stay in America,  and ask for money payments, (reparations) rather than repatriation.

2019 was marked by Ghana as the ‘Year of Return’, inviting the African Diaspora to come home.

Yet, there is no clamour to leave America.  

This is due to the manipulation of history, to the tinkering with facts, which makes Africans prefer to live as second and third class in white nations rather than return to Africa.


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