Making a Fool of Yourself

People always try to offer explanations.  

In rare cases, they know, for a fact, that the Owner of the Supermarket has decided to close the Meat section due to refrigeration costs.    In most cases they haven’t a clue but babble something that makes sense to them;  “The Owner is moving the Supermarket,”

The joke, if there is one, is that the person who knows, for a fact, gives the explanation in a by the way voice.  The person who knows nothing makes a proclamation.

I was once on a committee which drafted a particular law.  I was physically there.  I physically participated.

At a club meeting, this Babblemouth began a long explanation of the law and why and what…

As I have endless experience with people like Babblemouth, I began drawing my cartoon of a defecating dog.

One of the chaps at the meeting said to me;  “Didn’t you work on that Law?”

Without looking up I said, “Yes.”  

He then asked, indicating Babblemouth, “Is what he says right?”

Again, not looking up, I replied, ‘No.’

Angrily he said, “Would you  like to tell us what it says?”

I put down my pencil and explained.   Babblemouth walked out.

He was angry.  At what?  At being a Babblemouth?  At trying to explain what he didn’t know?

If you don’t own a particular business or were physically present when certain things were said or done, the best thing to do is not pontificate.

You only make a fool of yourself.


What do you think?


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