Laura was born in Luna, was the oldest sister of the famous Yugoslav feminists (famous for the first feminist in the Balkans), writer and translator. Her manuscripts composed of essays, plays, pictures of customs and collections, the cultural heritage of this region.

Almost all his life collecting a large number of  romance, which in the early 20th century could no longer be heard in Spain, but were sung and spoken in Bosnia. Famed for the first feminist in the Balkans. She gave lessons in French, German and Latin, herself raised her two sons, Leon and Barkohbu.

Her study La Mujer de Sephardim Bosnia (Sephardic women in Bosnia) is the first in the world  and ethnographic book about Sephardic women. In its social engagement was the article “South Slavic women in politics” ( “Die Frau Südslawische in der Politik”) published in 1916 in BiH. newspapers were printed in German, “Bosnische Post”, where Jelica Bernadzikowska Belović a chapter devoted to Sephardic woman in BiH. The reputation and has gained popularity and theater pieces she wrote naladinu – the language of Sephardic Jews.

At the beginning of World War II and the Holocaust, in 1941, both her son led the Ustasha concentration camp Jasenovac. Broken with grief and worry, Laura got sick and died hidden in a Sarajevo hospital of Catholic Sisters of Mercy in 1942. She did not know that her sons Ustasha killed on the way to Jasenovac. She was buried in the Jewish cemetery in Sarajevo, no tombstone, forgotten, where he now rests.


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