Jamaican Sayings – 3

Never See Cum See

This is an expression which beautifully captures the person who was born without, gets money, somehow, or goes somewhere and is exposed to these things, and tends to overdo and to behave as if they always had these things.

As they really aren’t accustomed to them they go a bit overboard and it is pretty likely it is noticed, and this is the remark.

A person, for example, who never had a car or lived in a modern home, or has been any where tries to behave as if they’ve always been accustomed to the finer things, this is the usual remark that is passed.


Often someone comes into money, (legally or more likely illegally) and has to buy the most expensive whatever, knowing nothing about it, but seeking to impress others.

The others, who know the antecedents will make this statement in such manner it sounds like; nevaseecumsee, (one word)


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Written by jaylar