Jamaican Sayings – Introduction

Not that many years ago, Jamaicans practiced what might be called a diverting manner of speech. To not pinpoint anyone, to stay bland and out of contention, and to avoiding obscenties, (which we have a trailer load) an adage would be used.

The saying, known to everyone was not insulting or confrontational on the face of it. Once said it, everyone knew was being talked about, but nothing had actually been said.

Jamaica is a country that if you leave it for three months, you return a virtual tourist, for things change that quickly.

It is a country of Orthodox Hypocrisy in which out of the right side of your mouth you express what the listener wants to here, but can instantly change to the left side if necessary.

Not that many years ago, Jamaicans spoke in a pleasant sort of sing song voice.

That was then.

Today, with the push of patwa, many people speak in a belligerent ear painful manner, using offensive and aggressive words.

So these sayings are rarely heard.


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Written by jaylar