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Irina Sandle

Recently, the 98 th year, died a woman named Irina Sandler. During World War II she got a job in the Warsaw Ghetto as a plumber-welder. There were ulterior motives. Since she was a German, knew about the plans of the Nazis regarding Jews. At the bottom of her to

ol box she began to present children from the ghetto, and in the rear of his truck. She had a bag in which she was hiding more children. Here she is in the back of the vehicle and a dog who has learned to bark whenever she missed kamionče guard through the gates of the ghetto. Soldiers, naturally did not want to retain the dog, who was barking sounds which hid the children could produce.

During this activity Irina was able to bring out of the ghetto and thus save 2,500 children. The Nazis, however, discovered and violently broke prebivši her arms and legs. Irina wrote the names of all the children he saved and the list kept in a glass bottle buried under a tree in the back of your yard. After the war, she tried to find survivors of parents and families to gather. But most of them ended its life in a gas chamber. Deca, which helped Irina were placed in homes or have been adopted. Last year Irina Sandler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He did not get it.


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