Inside of Myself – 9

I spent the week of our honeymoon experiencing everything, taking tiny pleasures where I found them.

On return from our honeymoon, after a relaxing day, we went back to our respective jobs. Back to conversations about daily events.  

My sister had become engaged to her boyfriend, Maxie,  set her wedding for end of August. I would be Matron of Honour.

Bob and I spent a lot of time with Jenny and Maxie, getting to know him.  And the more I knew of Maxie, the more I loved him.

Because I could not let my husband or my sister even think I had feelings for Maxie, I was careful at what I said, how I said it, so that no one could suspect he was far more to me than a potential brother in law.

It was then, it was because of that inexorable need to mask my true feelings that I fully developed this counterfeit personality which everyone adored.

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Written by Tall Awah

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