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In Laws – 2

Candy’s situation has become the new normal.  This is where one family ‘absorbs’ the new member to the extent that their family is sidelined.  

In this way the family of one owns both members of the marriage.

In this way, Dan, their child, is protected.

Behind Dan is an ‘army’,  Candy has no one.   Her mother, father, brothers, are excluded.   They have been excluded from the wedding ceremony.

Dan’s Parents rule.  

Every party thrown for Candy is really a party for Dan’s family.  Every invitation she receives is Dan’s invitation.

Candy exists as long as she is married to Dan.

If Dan wants to sell the house, his family will agree and Candy will be ‘outvoted’.

If Dan’s mother wants her grand children to attend a certain school or church,  that is where they are going.

Candy has no say.


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