Idiocracy – uneducation

It began in 1970.

Public schools had their curriculum  ‘modified’ and streaming was abandoned.

In previous generations,  classes were created based on intellectual ability.   Those with I.Q.s above 120 would be  channeled into an accelerated class, those with I.Q.s above 110 would be in a second tier, those which were ‘average’ (as in those days an  I.Q. of  100 was average) would be in another class, and those  with I.Q.s below 90 would be in classes for the intellectually challenged.

In previous years, those in tier one/tier two would be streamed for Higher Education.

Those who were average were to go into the commercial fields,  stenographers, secretaries, bookkeepers, etc.

Those below average were sent to ‘technical’ schools where they would learn plumbing, electrical work, construction work, etc.

In this way, those who were more intellectual would not be fettered by those who could not keep up. Those who were not ‘academic’ would be trained to ‘work with their hands’.

By ending streaming, by sprinkling those who are intellectually challenged in with those who are borderline genius, the stupider child will control the pace of learning.

As  many public schools are crowded and the standard racism applies, many parents spend what they don’t have to send their children to Private Schools.  Most Private schools are simply money making ventures.

The child in the average Private School receives no better education than those in the public.  This can be established by comparing the syllabi’s of various schools; public and private.

Further,  when there is no streaming  the bright child will ‘act up’ , be referred to a ‘therapist’,  (who pays a kick back to the school for every referral). The child will be  diagnosed with one of the many imaginary maladies, and drugged into zombie.

Simply put, there is nothing wrong with the child, there is something wrong with the modified curriculum.

The point of not streaming and of having a connection to a drug proscribing therapist is to prevent those not in the elite from gaining and education.  Thinking is to be contraindicated. Children outside of the Elite are to follow as sheep.


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