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How would you Have it then? -23

I was not overwhelmed with passion, I was not in that “I can’t live without you” zone.  

There were no demands, no pressure.   It was like having a cordial relationship with a person addressed as Mr or Miss.  Of course I called him Cory, he called me Fran;  at work everyone was on a first name basis so there was no discordance.

Cory spent a week at his place during my monthly, then came to visit and  spent the night.

We were about three months into the relationship when he said something about marriage.

And I thought to myself; ‘how would I have it then?’

Marriage to a man I felt I ‘had to please’,  a man who ‘absorbed me’,  or to a man who was a pleasant entry into my life?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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