Going Through These Things More Than Twice – 3


Whether one is in a dictatorship or a so-called democracy, there are those who have power.  They may be unknown to those on the street, but they pull the strings.  Whatever happens is to benefit this group.  

If they have invested in ‘vegetable oil’, it is to be pushed as healthy.   If they invest in weapons, then there needs to be a war.   If they face competition, they will break every rule to ensure they are on top.

Hence, it suited those in power to begin to dismantle segregation.  

The fact is, there are those who will fail no matter where they start in life, and those who have the drive to succeed.

In those ancient days of the 1950s, early 1960s, the barriers created based on colour or sex had to be dismantled to insure that Americans would triumph.

The effect was to awaken my generation to prejudice, tricks, lies and manipulation.   Those of us who read Nineteen Eighty Four, by George Orwell began to see aspects of it as early as the mid-sixties.

The reality is that you can not herd cats.  You can herd sheep because they all follow the Judas Goat.   Right into the slaughter house.

By educating kids, by encouraging them to go farther than their teachers, by streaming them and insuring that those with I.Q.s about 130 are placed into special advanced classes, and those with I.Q.s below 100 are directed into trades so that they won’t hold back the more intelligent, a popular of independent thinkers is created.

These independent thinkers would be in the fore front of Civil Rights, of Women’s Rights, Protesting the War in Vietnam, and capable of fact checking.

It is impossible to control independent thinkers, so they have to be deactivated by any means necessary and not reproduce themselves.


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