Going Through These Things More Than Twice – 1

When I was entering teenage, way back in the 1960s, being the child of a World War II Vet, growing up during the Korean War when we had to wear dog tags to school, I thought that we learned from history.

Just as I learned that the wrong answer received an ‘X’  I thought everyone else learned from mistakes.  

As a Senior Citizen, I look back at my life, at events, and see the constant repetitions.  

The quote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” by George Santayana echoes.

Sometimes I wonder if I come from another time, another planet, where I alone have experienced reality, and suffering the Curse of Cassandra am the only one who knows how events will play.

I think back to all those old people I encountered when I was young, how disinterested they were in events, and I thought they were all senile, unable to see what was happening.  

Now, I feel that they knew and were watching a rerun.  They resigned themselves to the reality that nothing was going to change, and any effort to draw parallels, to argue or enlighten, would be ignored.

As the world plunges deeper into chaos, as the same stupidity replays again and again,  one realises that there never will be change.

Sure, if aliens arrive and decimate the population, and organise the survivors, keeping them under tight control until the third generation, so that they know no other society and there are no other societies, then perhaps there will be change.

Other than that, the same paradigms will persist, on and on with different tools, different castes, but the same.


What do you think?


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