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Go Choke on Woke

I don’t know what ‘Woke’ is supposed to mean, I only know that if you tell me a show is ‘woke’, I won’t watch it. I believe a law was passed in the United States which states that every show must have:

1. Non-White Characters in Authority

2. Women in Authority

3. Gay/Lesbian in Authority

Some shows pop in one black lesbian so complete the task.

Now it isn’t that the  character who fills the 3 law, be it a doctor or a police officer or a fireman is simply a character fulfilling the role;  there has to be same sex slamming.

Regardless of the plot, the events, there must be same sex slamming (SSS) in every episode.

I recall having watched NCIS and NCIS-LA and NCiS NO that I actually looked forward to NCIS Hawaii… thought it would be a mix of Hawaii 50 and NCIS.  

The plot was secondary because the need for the 3 Law to be followed had me turn off that 1st Epi and never return.

I’ve stopped watching so many shows because of it, moving into vintage where the Laws were not in place. If I were interested in SSS I’d watch Porn, I’d watch a show that admits it is about gay/lesbian characters.

As I foolishly thought this was a show about a fire station, a hospital, investigators, I immediately admit my error and lock off, and never return.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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