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gift and fall.

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Vietnam is probably one of the countries with many beautiful cultures and makes people attached, want to keep so. Despite the age of new things, the development of the amazing, childhood memories are always holding each other’s soul. These memories are the best time of reunion, of thoughtless carelessness. Let’s stop doing something to make this article feel more deeply about the mid-autumn, childhood memories to welcome a mid-autumn season. Mooncake is probably one of the most beautiful gifts to hold the full moon season every time.

– If you are Vietnamese You are no stranger to the cake, traditional cake on the Mid-Autumn Festival of Vietnamese. Pieces of baked goods, fragrant plastic cake with lotus seeds, fat meat, sesame, sausage, green beans remind people of the atmosphere of the whole family to break the night.- The mooncake is so attractive that the taste of the cake is the convergence of both the essence of heaven and autumn.- At present, the mooncake is varied with many kinds of sweet and salty different, but the traditional flavor is always kept by Vietnamese people and cherished. Wherever you are, in Asia or Europe, in the South or in the North … just taste this traditional Asian mooncake, you will realize the deepest family values in your heart.


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