Getting Ready for Autumn

Even though I live in Louisiana and it being almost late October and the temperatures are still in the ninities and the feel like temperatures are in the 100’s.  This is not the autumn season I remember and I have been down here in this Southern town for close to eight years.  Now I close my eyes and picture myself raking leaves of all colors ranging from red, orange and yellow to those crinkly brown ones.  After raking and bagging these leaves some in pumpkin bags for Halloween and some for Thanksgiving.  I can explain this for there are Jack-o-Lantern bags out there and when you turn them around so the face does not show you have a Thanksgiving pumpkin to go with the cornstalks you decorate for Thanksgiving along with whatever else you may want for a decoration like a scarecrow.

In this state I am still cutting very long, thick grass and maybe doing a little raking of not so pretty leaves for they are small from a bush and the big trees have not let go of their leaves yet.  I am expecting another thunderstorm and the temperatures should be cooling down, and according to my Kindle forecast they will be dropping I just hope the temps I see will occur. It will be very well accepted.

For me getting ready for Autumn now is just mainly cutting grass for hopefully the last time for at least two or three months and cutting down weeds.  Household chores will be mainly doing windows to wash off all the late summer and early autumn dust. I already have a few decorations for Halloween and even Thanksgiving hanging out.  Believe it or not I even plan on starting some homemade Christmas presents. I am going to make everyone a latch hook rug or a wall hanging.  So, I guess I am kind of ahead for a change in a way.

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