Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day -25

Bagga had a mission for Junior and went with him to make sure he didn’t mess up.

Junior didn’t.  

He killed the guy as he had Gavin.  

Bagga liked him so got him an identity, Jake Turner, and a job as ‘security’ at the Jamaican restaurant. It was Bagga who took Junior by bus to the place, showing him how much the trip cost, where to sit on a bus, when to get off.

Junior stood around doing nothing much at his ‘job’ until Bagga came back for him, took him to the bus stop.

As Junior knew what to pay, how to ring the bell, how to get on and off, Bagga let him ride alone, and met him when he came from the bus, telling him which way to walk.

The fact was, Bagga had been well trained by Herbie and made no slip ups.


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Written by jaylar

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