Finland, officially the happiest country in the world, is trying to export their happiness by people offering free vacations. The Tourist Board is trying to take a small part of the Finnish luck and send it around the world, by offering action ‘rent a Finn’, offering people to choose Finland for your vacation and choose a part of this country who operates them happiest.

All who choose to try a bit of luck Finnish, will spend time with the “Guide for happiness” and the Finns hope to their relaxed, natural way of life with little stress off our shoulders. From Visit Finland are told: “RENT A FINN is a campaign in which eight ordinary Finns to invite foreigners to Finland, to help them share their experience in the Finnish countryside, as the Finns want to make the country happy again! ‘Rent’ will eight ordinary Finns as guides happiness, rural town in Lapland.

Esko wants to share the magic of the Finnish summer so that tourists will visit the weekend, read with him berries, camas drive, and play a Finnish game mölkky. Other guides are a couple Linda and Niko, who live in Utou, the southernmost island of the Finnish archipelago.

They will share with you the simplicity of island life, you’ll go sailing and camping with their dogs. There is also a student and teacher of yoga Katja, who lives in the idyllic neighborhood of Helsinki, called Käpylä, and will share with guests to experience nature in an urban environment.

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