My favorite Philippine Languages when saying “I LOVE YOU”

Philippines is one the smallest countries around the globe but blessed with different languages from Luzon to Mindanao. The words “I Love You” is spoken differently and the following are my favorite languages in terms of saying “I Love You”. Enjoy reading and learning.

#1 “Ay-ayaten Ka” in Ilocano

Ay-ayaten ka or Ay-ayaten kita: Ilocano is the native language in Ilocos, which is a place in the Philippines where Ilocanos living.

#2 “Iniibig Kita” in Tagalog could also means

Tagalog the official and National language in the Philippines refer as Filipino language. "Mahal" is a verb term means To feel love for; "Kita" means for you. Filipinos say Mahal Kita to express I Love you. 

#3 Cebuano language

Cebuano is another language in Philippines commonly used in Cebu City also known as "Bisaya" or Visayan language.

#4 Hiligaynon

Hiligaynon is an Auatronesian language spoken by people inhabiting Panay, Negros  and other Islands in central Philippines, colloquially referred as Ilonggo.Palangga taka or Palangga gid taka means I love you.

#5 Kapampangan

Kapangpangan or Capampangan refers to the language and  people of Pampanga province. It is also known as Pampango or Pampangueño they say Kaluguran (means pleasure in English) da ka (you) means I love you,

#6 Kinaray-A

Kinaray-A ia an Austronesian language spoken mainly in Antique, Province in the Philippines. It came from the word "iraya" or "ilaya" which refers to a group of people living in the mountain province.

#7 Pangasinense

Pangasinan also known as Pangasinense, are the 9th largest ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines, numbering about 1.50 million, mainly living in the native province of Pangasinan and its nearby provinces.

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