Dunnottar castle finest ruined castle in Scotland reached by only one path On the cliffs about 40 meters beneath the North Sea still proudly stands the castle which was defended by the “brave heart” … In the old rock 440 million years ago near the town of Stonehaven is located ruined castle Dunnotar who defended the Scots during the tumultuous past. There is a national hero William Wallace fought against the English, a legendary story filmed in the movie Braveheart. Since Dunnotar considered the safest place in Scotland, and there is guarded royal treasure, circling about his past numerous legends.


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  1. It is highly unlikely that William Wallace went anywhere near this place, given that all his attested activities were much further south. This legend was included in the narrative produced a long time later by “Blind Harry”, who is known to have invented a number of stories about Wallace, much as other writers did about characters such as Robin Hood or King Arthur.

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