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Djordje Mihailovic

Djordje Mihailovic, guardian of the Serbian military cemetery in Thessaloniki Zejtinlik, turned on the International Labor Day 91 years. Defying the years, is committed to continuing to meet and seeing off guests and descendants of Serbian warriors killed on the Salonika front in the First World War. As previously stated, he had only one wish, to welcome the 100th anniversary of Thessaloniki Front, which he recently fulfilled! “I did a lot of things in life like my world was small and reduced to this here, but that’s – I want to. They say that happiness is just another name for God, so let me on to this desire of view, “said the once famous grandfather George. On Saturday 15 September 2018, marked the 100 years of the Salonika front, so I was waiting for the fulfillment of these modest wishes!


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