Democracy -7

Democracy works when there are a large number of people who think for themselves.

If one does a biographical search of who signed the Declaration of Independence there are fifty six of the best and the brightest. They were drafting a document for themselves.

There were no sheep, no mindless followers.

The Constitution of the United States, written eleven years after the Declaration of Independence, had a number of the same members as well as others, all the best and the brightest.

The idea that they were representatives of the general population was a bit of a stretch, but they did have the interests of the  majority in mind.

Those men who gathered to draft the Constitution had lived a life of some privilege and autonomy and their response to the demands of the British King was basically,

‘Who do you Think you are trying to Order Around?”


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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    • Democracy requires interest, participation. Pretend we belong to a club and the idea of having a dance comes up. We couldn’t care less. We aren’t going, we don’t even care to vote on it. So the club holds a dance and things happen, and we shrug. The club is spiralling down the toilet.

      In a nation, the people need to be informed, they need to take an interest, they need to care. There’s a lot of responsibility. Where the people do, the Gov. is accountable. Where they don’t, it spirals out of control.


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