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My Family Heritage

I am a poet.  Yes.  I write poems.  That’s pretty redundant—especially for a poet!

I come from a long line of orators:  My grandfather was a reporter for the Mexican Observer, (and an alcoholic), my dad plays guitar and one of my brothers sings in the shower.

Even my neighbors are expert orators.

I hear them every evening:  Elotes!  Tamales!  Champurrado!

I mostly eat at Whole Foods though.  I was at Whole Foods not too long ago, and I picked up a copy of The Learning Annex.  On the front cover, they had a picture of James Van Praagh, the psychic guy.  And right under his picture, in bold writing, it said:  James Van Praagh:  Past and Future Revealed!

I understand that psychics reveal the future, but why do they need to reveal the past?  Didn’t it already happen?

Unless of course, you have some sort of short term memory loss.

In that case I recommend taking fish oil.  (Which you can buy at Whole Foods.)

Pet Peeves

Apart from James Van Praagh, one of my pet peeves is germy people.

Let me explain:  I’m not a German phobe, I’m not a homophobe, but I am a germphobe!  I was at a coffee shop one day, and one of the girls behind the counter was on her lunch break.

I saw her peel a banana completely, before eating it with her bare hands!  Eeww!

I’m that kind of person that eats everything in its wrapper.  Everything!  Don’t get any ideas now!  I will not eat anything off the floor, though, but I will eat off of someone else’s plate!



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