Decline of the Mighty

No matter what happens, America has lost.

It has lost the respect of the world and its ability to sit on judgement of any other nation.

It has lost all credence.

Having elected an uncouth, uneducated bully, with as much class at that drunk lying in the road, it now encounters, for the first time in its history, a President who, like any common dictator, refuses to step down.

If most Americans rallied against him, if even most Republicans stepped away from him, the humiliation the United States is reaping would be lessened.

But this is not what is happening.

I have often written about the process of ‘dumbing down’  in which a syllabus for a 6th grade class in 1960 is more advanced than a 10th grade in 1990.  This deterioration of education, coupled with this cultivation of racist, mindless zombies who follow their Massa,  is something expected in a 3rd World nation.

The United States can never dare speak on freedom, democracy, honesty, or elections again.


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Written by jaylar

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