Death For Chevy Man

It was the plan for last Friday but life turned a new corner and I was not about to stop life for this drive.

Monday Morning

On the way to the CPA`s office I tried my best not to drive over 80 mph and the flow of traffic was not thick or thin for 9:40 am, I still made it to the office in 24 minutes. I walk in, hand them the paperwork, use the bathroom and back on the road.

At this point I notice a black Ford Tarus having trouble keeping up with me, in and out of traffic, behind me. Clear road on Highway 459, I stomp the gas, 90 Mph. and ditch that ford.

A minute later I look back…. Oh shit! That is the white Chevy pickup that was with me on the inbound trip and he is not slowing down. I wait, to make sure, he is a couple cars behind me.

Oh yeah! that is the same guy, same truck.

“Its not how fast the car is, its all about the driver, lets ditch this one” my monster says as the music is jacked up… Meaning of life by Disturbed.

A semi loaded with lumber is in the fast lane, driving slow, backing up traffic. I look over and estimate the distance between another semi in the middle lane and a car. Yes….. I have a small car, I can do this.

I do a quick lane change, while keeping the speed the same, then I look around this semi, clear right lane! I slide over in that lane and kick it! I get up to 90 mph fast, and I look back, the truck had done my move and got around, now he is coming at me fast.

What the hell does this guy want?

I cruise past cars and trucks like they are sitting still, I look up and I can see him coming, I gave the Kia more gas peddle, I am gone!  When I hit 102 mph I let up, he is hanging back, about a mile back but I can see him and he sees me.

He gets over in the right lane but I don`t, I am not going to get off here, my home exit.

When I get to the Oxford exit, I barely slow down when I get on the off ramp, no one at the red light, Perfect!

I turn right and look back….. There comes the Chevy truck way to fast, as he tried to take the right turn at that rate of speed….. he flips over and over with a power pole to stop him.

At the 76 gas station, I watch as someone pulls the man out and begins CPR.

My monster watches and says “Its not how fast the car is, its all about how good the driver is, what a fool to take on me.”

By Andria Perry

Photo by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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