Dealing With an Owned Man – Herbert – 3

Herbert had known Teresa was crazy before he smiled at her.  He had thought her madness could be molded to his plans and he would be able to use her with a few triggers.

He didn’t realise that Teresa used her madness as the rope she hung him with.

That first bag of insults Teresa dumped on him was unbelievable.  They had been at the supermarket and Herbert suggested buying one product over another, she went ballistic.  

Teresa began shouting at the top of her voice, insulting him, stating that it was her money and she could buy what she wanted.

A crowd was drawing, watching, hearing Teresa repeating herself, realising she was mad.  Some laughed, but Herbert raced out, not knowing which way to turn.

He went to the house, realising he didn’t have he key.  Having moved his possession into her house he had to wait for her return.


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Written by jaylar

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