Dawn's Light – Not the First

This isn’t the first time the Republican Party found a ‘business man’ to use as their candidate, nor have him elected President.

The provable first  was  Warren G. Harding who was elected in 1920.

To say he knew nothing about governance or world affairs, and spent his time drinking, smoking, playing poker and having affairs is just to touch the tip of the disaster Harding was.

He appointed a crew of corrupt officials to positions of power who weren’t adverse to taking bribes and using American resources as their personal property.

When he was elected he spent the first months playing golf and doing nothing. When he took office he had short days, as  he’d leave the White House each evening and have drinks with his pals.  This was at the height of Prohibition.

Why the Republican party wanted him is simple corruption.  

Many of them had their little side hustles and getting a guy who knew nothing and was unfamiliar with integrity filled their pockets.

Although many were eventually arrested and convicted did not change the focus of the Republican Party.


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Written by jaylar

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