Conspiracy Theory – 2

The first Conspiracy Theory I heard was the assassination of John F. Kennedy.   There were a lot of stories.   I was very young so didn’t take any of these theories on board.

The second Conspiracy Theory I heard was about the Moon Landing.  It was a sham, it was shot on a movie set, blah blah.  

I shrugged.

I take it from whom it comes.  

In Jamaica, we have an expression, “When Fish come from river bottom and tell you alligator mouth long, believe him.”  (Patwa translation)

This means when someone who knows, who was there, tells you something, you believe   them.  When someone who wasn’t there, who doesn’t know for a fact, who is going off of hearsay and blah blah tells me  something it gets on the highway; in right ear, out the left.

The engineer at Dell can tell me about Dell, the guy standing at the bus stop in Rockfort, can’t.  This is because the Engineer is physically present at the site, he knows, for a fact.  The guy at the bus stop is having oral dirrahea.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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