Conspiracy Theories – 5

There are people who profit from the spread of conspiracy theories.  

They manufacture  hydroxychloroquine, (or have shares in the company).   Their pocket fills the more this product is touted as a ‘cure’ to Covid-19. 

They belong to hate groups which target particular races or religions to misdirect blame from themselves.

All these Manipulators   need are  morons to push their propaganda.   The morons gain nothing.  

They aren’t paid to mislead.  In fact, they are the ones to lose.  It will be they and/or their children who will gad about without a mask so catch Covid-19.

 It will be these morons to write articles about ‘cornyflu’  becoming the laughing stock.   It is these morons who push the fiction of illuminati as if they actual know what they are talking about.

There are many sheep on two legs easily manipulated to push fallacies.  

This is because powerless, semi-educated persons are easily manipulated.    It is  these pathetic people who push the conspiracy theories.   Leaving the Manipulators safe in their mansions.  


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Written by jaylar

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