Church Scams – 2

“Bishop”  Plop arrived in Jamaica from the U.K.   There are various  ‘narratives’  as to why she left England;  whether deported, slipping out before fraud charges,  etc.

Plop went to stay at the family home,  an old building in rural Jamaica.

Plop claimed she was a ‘Bishop’  in some invented church.  She began to hold meetings, collect money,  and soon had built a mansion.

Anyone who was to stay in her mansion, from relative to servant had to observe her ‘laws’,  i.e. locking down at 6:30pm everyday, etc.

Plop behaved as if she was sacred and regal.

No one could touch her.  If she took a taxi, the seat had to be covered with a towel she had blessed.  No one could speak to her unless she summoned them, nor could they say anything beyond answering her questions.

She didn’t know much scripture,  but her followers didn’t either.   As time passed she didn’t see how ridiculous she appeared, nor did her mindless followers.  

They gave her money, they did what she told them.

And ‘Bishop’ Plop lived in wealth into old age.


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Written by jaylar

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