Change has come

Since the election of Donald Trump, things have changed for the rest of the world.

Although it is shocking and unexpected, and everyone is proclaiming doom, in reality, it is growing up.

I say this, as since World War II the world has tended to rely on America.

There was a time, during the Cold War when there was competition between America and the Soviet Union.

America would offer things to the Third World, the Soviet Union would offer, and the 3rd world would take with both hands.

There were scholarships to the USSR  and many 3rd world people went to be trained as everything from Opera Singers to Dentists.

There was all sorts of String Loans from America in which a country would get money to buy American products.

Then the Soviet Union fell, Russia  replaced it, and to a large extent it was Russia concentrating on Russia with some interest in a few allies.

America pushed itself into as many countries as it could, but China, seeing the economic benefits began entering 3rd World Countries in a ‘two pronged’ attacked.

Chinese would arrive to build a bridge or a road, bring their families who would quickly open businesses selling Chinese goods, and very soon local companies in that 3rd World country would be selling Chinese goods.

It didn’t take long for China to replace America in the market place.   America was and to a large extent, is, unaware of the depth to which China has ‘invaded’ the economies of various nations.

In many places there are virtually no American products.

The vehicles are from Japan, Korea, India, China.   The electronic goods are from China, the clothes are from China.

When it comes to Europe, the dependency on the United States has been somewhat restrictive, like a young person living with their parents, having to be home at a certain time.

With America walking away, Europe now stands on it’s own, and can make what deals it desires, without much concern about what America thinks.

The retreat of America and the self-destructive policies are benefiting other countries, although they may not admit it for fear that America will realise its error.

The most revealing, although not to those in America, was when, in 2017 the United States decided to close its car factory in Mexico.  Within 24 hours, China had stepped in.

Another missed clue was when the U.S. decided not to sell soy beans to China and almost immediately, there were imports from Brasil and Argentina.

Vladimir Putin has profited a great deal.  The most obvious is getting the U.S. to back out of Syria.  This should be followed by getting America to leave other places in the world so as to give Russia the military upper hand.

Other nations should be taking their lead from Russia and China and racing in to fill whatever gaps are left, so that shortly, America will be as important on the ‘world stage’ as Norway.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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