I have always been against censorship.  Sure, slap X or A ratings on a movie,  or if certain words are unacceptable in a publication, use dashes.  

Previously there were countries which had freedom of speech and countries that didn’t.   America used to have freedom of speech until the politically correct zipper was affixed to mouths.

This has led to a kind of deception/deflection/dishonesty in which people do not say what they think because they are prevented.

They may create ‘key’ terms that are only picked up by those in their realm so that the term ‘Great’  means ‘White’  while those not in their set don’t know what they are saying.

As a pressure cooker, when you don’t let it vent  the top blows off, so too when people can’t  vent, they act on it.

And, as the trite expression goes, actions speak louder than words.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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