Can't Do Better – 25

Another ‘tell’ is the rather cold person who talks to her pets, (usually cats) in that high pitched mommy voice.  A person who focuses on her pets, not on people.

This isn’t the loving owner of a pet or pets, this is the ice cold Can’t Do Better person who only likes what s/he controls.

S/he ‘owns’ those pets and feeds them when s/he pleases.  S/he focuses on them because there is no one else, (no human) in their lives.

Most often these people have no children, never were married, not by choice but because of their repulsive personalities.

A animal, especially a cat, doesn’t care.   All they need is food and a safe place to sleep.

The pets of a person who can’t do better are very much like their owner,  who, if s/he died, would eat them.


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