Brain Squish – 14

The biggest failures, the real nobodies, are braggarts.  They claim to have done and been and known and seen.

They fill your ears, control conversations, and if you don’t know them, you will be led to believe their lies

If you have ever met one of those;  “I- I – I – I”  people;  

 “I did, I went, I knew, I met—”  

You get very silent when they start the litany.

People who have really done things don’t need to brag.  They aren’t thinking about their list of achievements and purchases.  

Those people with their arms crossed over their chest, making threats are cowards and braggarts.   The best response is a yawn.

Karma is such that they’ll often try to impress someone who really did this or that, or owns that or the other, who will give them a wide eyed look while everyone in vicinity laughs until their bellies busts.

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