Anthology unusual III

From the story of life’s fortunes and misfortunes of the great chess player should be set aside and that of Alexander Alekhine, chess theoretician and a great master who, despite his talent and international fame, in real life is by no means retreated best moves. Accused of anti-Semitism and collaboration with the occupiers during World War II, A. Alekhine, known for its dynamic and unorthodox style of play, before the end of his life he tried once again to take over the world trophy, but it is that stop a heart attack in a Lisbon hotel 1946 . years. According to some allegations beside the dead body is found and the chessboard as it is in itself intrinsically manner, Alekhine and at the time of death analyzed a position. Prone to excessive smoking and alcohol, wildly confident and vain, this is a chess player marked modify two centuries.


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