Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) II

As the god of the earth, Saturn is the patron of those who work with wood and stone, but as the god of agriculture he also supervises the measurements and the size of the country, what the ancient Greeks called geometry. Therefore melancholic have a knack for this skill because they think in terms of tangible, measurable things instead of abstract philosophizing, but how are aware of the higher realms, inaccessible to them, suffer from incarceration and spirit of discontent. That’s what bothers Melancholy with graphics – even though the country has had wings, surrounded by instruments for work or idle, and designed – gives the impression of being creative in despair because of the awareness of the barrier that separates it from a higher realm of thought. The number of “I” in the word further confirms the ultimate meaning of graphics.

On Dürer had an impact De Occulta Philosophia Cornelius Agrippa, a popular work on magic and astrology, a majority-based learning Ficini and positive vision  impact. Agrippa is here wrote about the three kinds of genius under the influence of Saturn and its furor melancholious, inspiration that leads to remarkable achievements. In the first prominent imagination of reason, and most of them are artists-artisans like painters and architects. Another kind of genius is endowed with clairvoyance and the third contemplative mind the theological, philosophical or scientific sense. Dürer’s numbers indicate that it is the first, the artistic type melancholic. This theory is further supported by the fact that he watched himself in the light of new understanding melancholic artistic genius.

This is shown most clearly speaks drawing dedicated doctor with the words: “Where is the yellow box, where I point the finger, it hurts,” alluding to the liver, which was thought to secrete black bile. How was melancholy in the true sense of the word, Dürer felt helplessness in reaching higher spheres but also in the context of his craft that he loved so much.

As a young man he wanted to present an image by divine beauty, but just before the occurrence of melancholy I left a confession: “Where is the absolute beauty, I do not know. No one knows, except God. “So, this graphics Direr talk about the suffering of the soul, and the soul of the artist who is aware of the metaphysical world but it can not be achieved, the soul that can not provide their thoughts to God, beyond the borders of the universe. Spiritual Autoport melancholy and at the same time an objective show the contemporary philosophy and personal Dírer confession. It combines the idea of melancholy as one of the four temperaments with geometry as one of the liberal arts education, which is the first and the second intelekutalizovalo humanize.

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He’s here introduced neoplathonic vision saturijanskog genius, in the form of spiritual self-portraits. That shows Dürer’s genius, the size of its work and the quality of the graphics. Through the personification of melancholy on the artistic soul, ie. themselves, presented as intellectual creature who, in the words of a great art historian, Panofsky, renounce what you can achieve because he can not reach that for which it really craves.


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