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Just because someone has a good job, a nice car, and a mortgage to pay, doesn’t mean they are mature. It doesn’t even mean they are an adult. Being an adult means much more than that. It means being able to see when you are being taken advantage of.

It means being strong enough to walk away when you are not being valued. An adult knows how to take care of themselves emotionally and physically. It also means more basic things like knowing how to cook, plan meals, and not depending on others to cook for you.

If you don’t have anything in your refrigerator, that is not a good sign. Even worse yet, if you don’t have anything in your pantry, and you are constantly buying fast food.

Aside from knowing your own value, knowing the value of money is a true marker for adulthood. Do you shop for bargains, or pay the highest price because you need to buy prepared food? (Since you don’t know how to cook.)

Value and worth are interconnected with self-esteem. However, when you are an adult, you know that how much money you make doesn’t give you worth.

Your worth comes from your self-esteem. Since you are not attached to a material thing such as money, you know that if you were to loose your job, you would not loose your sense of self. You know this only if you are truly grown up.

Be careful not to end up a big kid playing with big kid toys: A house, car, phone, and money. These things don’t add value to your life. Remember, money only pays the rent.

Your fulfillment will come from owning up to your calling in life, and living a life that is self-actualized, not a life that everyone else wants you to live, or worse yet; a life with a job that pays the most money for doing something you don’t love to do.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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