A Night In The Life

“Be still girlie girl.” Said God

“I`m trying.” I replied.

“Life is changing so do as I say, be still and let me do the work. I will send the army if need be.” God replied.

“I know! I know, but….. at this moment it feels like it was all a dream and I just woke… disappointed, that it was just a dream.” Deep sigh. ” I know its real and not a dream, I see everything, I see the trust of one thing that…. that… blew me away….. because only someone who trust me 100% would hand that to me, to hold.”

“I make no mistakes little one, remember that.” God declared.


Marvin left, finally. He was good, he played the game better than the rest, almost had me convinced he was real. I was gonna hate breaking his heart, I am glad he was just another romance scammer, although he played it all the way to the last time I texted him.


Poor Mark. He was very bad at the game. Lazy lover. Wanted more than I would ever give and I know what for, the next “mark” the next victim. But he would be me, send out the collection of me. He most certainly let me know his love was conditional. I do not miss him at all.


I announced that I was no longer single to one daughter today, I know her dad will be slightly upset, or maybe he won`t, maybe he seen what was there before I did. But I will still be nice, after all we all are human, I know he will come by work when it starts back, he loves the race track. I wish this virus was over, I am ready to get back to work at the track.


Hey! Trent. How are you managing with the lock down out there in California?

“I am managing but so ready to get my life back.” Replied Trent, my voice of reason.


“Hey there you sexy thang, I told all of them about you.” I said to HIM.

“That`s good, no need for that fun anymore, you got me.” He replied.

“And you are Trent approved!” I said with a smile.

“I`m glad you got friends to talk to.” he said

“Me too, face to face and online.” I said happily.

He reaches out and takes my hand.

NOTE : I write fiction and this is part of a book, soon to come.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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