Wrong Choices – 9

Abbey sat on her sofa in her sad flat.  She drifted back to her twenty sixth birthday.  She was dating Jimmy, no one in particular.  He was just the current boyfriend.  

The staff held a birthday party for her at work, she got  a bit tipsy.  

She noticed Matt;  he’d come to the company about two weeks ago.  He was handsome, great personality, she was more than just attracted to him, but had to squash it, because Jimmy was there.

She saw a disappointed look on Matt’s face as she left with Jimmy. That he had found her attractive pleased her.

Abbey had no no interest in a long term relationship.  She would have broken up  with Jimmy  if there was anyone else even marginally better.  But until she saw Matt, there hadn’t been.

During the next weeks she put herself in Matt’s ambit.  Day after day she tried to be there, friendly and bubbly, but he didn’t pick up.

One evening, as they were leaving work, she was going to suggest stopping for coffee, when a woman came up, hugged Matt and he went off with her.

Abbey wasn’t crushed, there was time.


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Written by jaylar


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