Wrong Choices – 17

It took time for Abbey to put herself together after Baron left.   She needed to get over him.  Needed to stop hating her mother for ruining another segment of her life.

Days, weeks, months, and finally she felt she was whole.  

As Matt was still there, she put herself in his path, but he was dating someone else.  She fooled around with Tim and Damien, just to kill the emptiness.  

Then, finally, after almost a year,  Matt was available. They spoke, went out for coffee and she behaved as if she’d never noticed he had been with anyone else.

As he seemed to have endless time to be with her, soon enough she was virtually living in his flat.

She was falling deeply in love with him.  Everything seemed fine.  For a few golden months Abbey thought that this was IT.  That she would get happiness from life.

And then her brother, Eric showed up at her work place.


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Written by jaylar

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