Wishy-Washy Decisions

I am finding that I am not very patient with wishy-washy decisions. They seem to abound all over the place and where ever I go lately. I am usually very practical about most of my decisions. I take some time to remove the emotion factors and look at the stripped-down version. 

The one thing you can never get back is time, so it makes perfect sense to spend your time doing things that are important to you. There are things you must do to live in society and stay out of jail. I don’t see those as choices. Once those things are taken care of then find what you love and do it.

We are in waiting mode on the surgery. We have to check the phone at least every three hours according to the surgeon. It seems easier to make sure someone is always home to answer the phone.  No one loves to be that person. So my nephew is coming up to make some modifications so we can hear the phone ring outside so we can enjoy the weather. (Oddly it’s snowing right now, and we will appreciate that more in days to come.)

I am going to focus on making better choices and spending my time as wisely as I spend my money.  I think that would be a fabulous idea.

Life seems to get better when you think things out and stop second-guessing. Just do it.


What do you think?

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