Why You Need To Meet The Family – 4


Although how a man deals with his mother is often a flag as to how he will deal with his wife a Momma’s Boy is in a different category.

It is not that he respects women it is that he needs his mommy.   He is emotionally about five years old.  An a child of five will always put mommy first. 

This means if he is a Momma’s boy, he will always put his mother above you. He will always take her side.  If she rings him up at 2 am, he will leave YOU ‘home alone’ to see about her.

You want to see how he behaves in the presence of other members of the family.    How they react.   How she behaves.  Does she control him?  Make demands? Needs to prove she owns him?

Often his mother will see you as a ‘threat’ and to prove that she comes first will pull a number of stunts.

There is no reason to put your life and mental health in jeopardy.

Never marry a Momma’s Boy unless his mother likes you better than she likes him.


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