White House drafted Proclamation of emergency order for President Trump

Washington: White House drafted a declaration of imposing emergency for President Donald Trump.on the southern border of mexico.

US broadcasting agency CNN has said in its latest report , White House has decided to set up emergency after continuous denial of funding from the Congress regarding the immediate construction of the wall with the Mexican border. According to the report, President Donald Trump will declare Emergency, which draft has been prepared and the contents of the draft also get by CNN. However, Adviser of President Donald Trump have different emergency-related views. The White House will be able to implement the alternative project bypassing Congress.

According to proclamation of emergency order draft, the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. daily, Which is a direct threat to the public security and the security of the country, due to which Emergency is being enforced.

According to draft text, President Donald Trump will address himself and tell that authorities personally informed them about other laws of the country, including the National Emergency Act. Under which I announce the implementation of national emergency in the South Frontier Region.According to the report, a Government personal told the CNN that draft was prepared last week for President Donald Trump.

Be clear President Donald Trump requires a $ 7 billion fund from the Congress to build a wall on the Mexican border. However, the Congress rejected it, because about 8 lakh government employees are not being paid salaries because of shutdown in the country issued last one month before.

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  1. I would rather Congress do its job and allocate the money to build the wall but, if the only way we are going to get what we need is by an executive order, then so be it. The Democrats can’t complain. Obama was famous for saying that he had a phone and a pen and he knew how to use them.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t trust CNN. They are grossly unreliable.

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