When the Cold War Ended – 7

The famous analogy of ‘the dog who thought he was tied’ needs to be kept in the front of your mind.

Many people have an “issue” that forty years ago would be a shrug and one would get over it.

Since the mid-80s what was a shrug now is given some psycho babble name and slapped on as a label.  

People are told by some ‘respected professional’  that they suffer from some neurosis, which makes certain things difficult, and they accept that.   This is being ‘tied’.

Thousands of people were and are being made to believe that they have various mental problems.  Many consume drugs which turn them into zombies.

In this way  one doesn’t have to disqualify anyone, they do it themselves.   One doesn’t have to limit anyone, they limit themselves.

The population of persons who can question, and be taken seriously, is cut down.


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